Our Vision

Our vision is to create a church in East Cobb that our unchurched neighbors will love to attend.  We know East Cobb needs a different kind of church, and we are passionate about making East Cobb the next location of a North Point Ministries campus. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a committed group of people who will make East Cobb an irresistible location for the next North Point Ministries campus.  We fulfill our mission by holding events and serving our neighbors in a way that deepens relationships, spreads generosity and love throughout the community, and prepares the way for a successful East Cobb campus launch. 

Our Background

In 2014, a handful of East Cobb families who attend North Point Ministries churches got together and decided we wanted something more for our local community, neighbors and friends.  We clearly were not alone in our desire to have a different kind of church here in East Cobb; what began as a Facebook group with 12 people quickly spread to more than 100 people and beyond within just a few days.  East Cobb Gathering was born, and at the very first event dozens of families showed up and said, “we are in.”  We reached out to North Point Ministries and have had a collaborative relationship with them ever since.  East Cobb Gathering now has grown to include several hundred attendees participating in regular organized events, service projects, community group gatherings and more.  We believe East Cobb doesn’t need just another church, but it desperately needs a different kind of church.  We are actively working toward planting a local North Point Ministries campus in East Cobb, with the vision of creating a church that our unchurched neighbors will love to attend.  East Cobb Gathering is led by a dedicated board and a team of committed volunteers who work alongside North Point Ministries.