East Cobb Gathering is a non-profit organization, and events are funded by donations and the generous giving of our attendees.  Visit our giving page to give financially to East Cobb Gathering, and know that we truly appreciate your support.  


Trying to plant a new church campus in East Cobb is very exciting but it is no small feat, and we need all the help we can get.  Are you interested in volunteering to help organize East Cobb Gathering events or activities?  Do you feel called to lead or participate as we further our initiatives?  We’d love to have you!  Contact us and we'll connect you with our next serving opportunities.    


East Cobb Gathering hosts regular events so attendees can connect and enjoy being in community together, with a wide variety of activities ranging from family picnics, to women’s speaker events and craft nights, to men’s prayer breakfasts, to nights of worship, to youth gatherings and much more.  Visit our events page to learn more about what's coming up. 


One of the tenets of North Point Ministries is “circles are better than rows,” and East Cobb Gathering provides an easy way for local residents to circle up and form community groups with neighbors nearby.  Whether you are thinking about joining a women’s group, men’s group or married couples’ group, visit our Connections Gathering page to get more information on this annual group formation event.